Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Economic Coping Mechanism: Hulu

The economy has done nothing but affirm for me our decision to live in 525 square feet of affordable, if not a little cramped, bliss. Ok bliss is a strong word, especially as I literally hurled the contents of my overstuffed closet onto the floor in a fit while trying to find my gloves this morning.

Everyone's talking a lot about coping mechanisms these days. People are coupon clipping and downloading with fervor, forgoing that weekly manicure and so on. My coping mechanism is not frugal and not even really green, but it keeps me sane. I'm in love with Hulu, and basically any other current cultural content I can download onto my trusty laptop.

A friend had a copy of Rachel Getting Married (from a SAG member) that we watched recently. Now, when I saw "watched" it is very important for you to get a visual of what I mean. We (two grown adults) lay on our bed in complete darkness with a laptop sandwiched in the middle and a pair of iPod earbuds between us. We couldn't move more than a couple of inches apart or else the other viewees earbud would pop out.

So, bliss, this may not be but at least we're not overextended and that feels pretty good right now.