Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy toxic-free New Year!

Now that the Babe is putting everything in his mouth I'm even more concerned about the manufacturing processes and ingredients of the products he comes in contact with - literally. Here are two great new finds that are definitely worth passing on:

1. Lovies by Bubbie Blue
Now this is a product I can get behind! First, my very dear friend Christa is one of the two co-founders, and secondly because their sweet lovies are crafted for the sleep-deprived like me! Lovies are "transitional objects" - a blanket or a toy - to help your child "make the emotional transition to seeking an alternate source of comfort." Bubbie Blue's Lovies are handmade - love that! - and made of 100% organic cotton jersey and non-toxic dyes.

2. Schoolhouse Naturals by Maple Landmark
Schoolhouse Naturals are a new spinoff from the Montgomery Schoolhouse line produced by Maple Landmark, a company based in Middlebury, VT. My Dad just sent the Babe three wooden baby rattles from the Montgomery line that are so sweet (thanks Dad!). One has bells, one has discs and another has beads. They are fashioned of hard maple and have no added chemicals and are finshed with bright, non-toxic whey finish. (The new Naturals line has finishes available in either whey or beeswax.) What I love best is how simple these "toys" are and what a lovely reminder of the fact that babies don't need tons of stimulation (have you ever seen how they stare at their fingers for seemingly hours on end?).

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