Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pop Up Living

I was trying to read to the Babe last night. He wants to eat everything in sight these days (yay teething) so we weren't so much reading as I was baby-wrangling while trying to force a little quiet time before bed. The only book that held his attention was "So Big" with Elmo; he giggles when Elmo pops up on the last page.

It reminded me of our living situation, which is a bit like a pop up book in that our belongings are seemingly tucked away, only to burst forth when you open a door or cabinet.

We had friends over on Sunday afternoon and with 5 minutes to spare we were frantically shoving things into the closets and under the crib, trying to hide all evidence to the contrary that the Pod is, in fact, overrun with baby swag. The Gymini mat, which is a feat to collapse because the padded arches spring open with such gusto, put up quite a protest! It took both of us to fold it in half and slide into my hubby's closet. The baby bath, which when not in use leans against the toilet (because aparently we need some help in the home decor department), was tucked neatly in the shower with the curtain drawn. Only the nosiest of nosy guests actually peeks behind the curtain, right?

We've even contemplated installing a murphy bed. That would certainly bring new meaning to the phrase pop up.


ksa said...

Hi Sustainababe.
My husband & I are doing same...only we live in small, prewar, (under closet-ed) 1 bedroom-now converted into baby room/walk-in closet and.....MURPHY BED in living room....which hasn't been put up much yet since baby birthday in December....

Sustainababe said...

Hey Ksa - I have to know more! That was kind of my fear of the murphy bed. Do you have people over? How does that work? We used to have people over all the time -now not so much. Are you in NYC?