Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Saturday Without The New York Times

We can't be the only ones. The week before last - and after nearly 10 years as loyal subscribers - we said bubye to the weekend edition of the gray lady, The New York Times. It's not that we're not big fans of the paper; I still read it online. I blame it on the coffee table.

When we bought the Pod a couple of years ago, the couple who sold it to us generously gave us several pieces of furniture, including a large, square glass coffee table. It was about 35" x 35" and took up a big chunk of the "living room" (that is, the area in front of the TV). When the Babe started to get mobile and his rolling turned to an army crawl, and then an on-all-fours sprint, we knew we had to part ways. Someone from Craigslist made off with it for $75 - lucky her.

Unlucky us. The coffee table was where we convened on Saturday mornings with our lattes, bagels and the paper all spread out. Everyone who reads the Times has their individual way of digging through its innards. I always read the Real Estate section first. Heck, if I can't live in a bigger apartment, at least I wanted to suss out how the other half lives. I'd then skim the Book Review and dive into the magazine. Our ritual slowly gave way to chasing after our scooting baby and with it our leisurely morning. Most weekends now the paper lays in the entryway forgotten. All that paper, wasted. On top of that, when they killed the Metro section last fall they chipped away at my husband's loyalty. That was his favorite section.

I'm not sure the $10 a month or whatever it is we're saving is worth it but I do feel a lot less guilty not having to take the walk of shame to the recyclin bin every Sunday night with a neatly wound paper in tow. Plus, I've been pining for a Kindle (gee, isn't Mother's Day tomorrow!) and maybe I can justify getting one with all that dough we're saving.


Liza said...

Happy Mother's day! I got here via Kim Moldofsky via twitter -- looks like our babes are close to the same age.

I can't quite imagine doing this in 525 square feet, but I look forward to reading more.

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Queens Mama said...

Hi! I found your blog through MBC and I must say I love reading your posts... and I totally identify your cramped living arrangement! Hope all is going well with you and your growing family! :)

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