Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spikes, Javelins and Discus Oh My!

The irony about writing about trying to not consume a lot of stuff is the accumulation of sports gear we've packed into the Pod. I think we could open up our very own sporting goods store. I should be clear that this is not because of my own athleticism - all I contribute are a couple of pairs of running shoes - but rather my husband's slight addiction to picking up new sports like it's his job.

Today he'll be completing the second portion of a decathlon, so we've got all sorts of shoes and whatnot strategically arranged around the 525 square feet that is our home. In case you're wondering, a decathlon includes the following events:

100 meter dash
Long jump
Shot put
High jump
400 meter dash
110 meter hurdle
Pole vault
1500 meters

That's a lot of shoes! And yes, we have a full size javelin that lines the side of the Pod and even practice hurdles that we've managed to stash away somehow. I'm blogging right now while he's packing up his stuff; we've got a load of laundry going and trying to occupy the Babe with Baby Einstein. It's chaos! Here, take a look:

Spikes, spikes and more spikes!

(New Balance, Nike - you can thank us anytime you'd like)

The shot put and discus

And for the grand finale ... a 9 foot long javelin
(you should see the looks he gets on the subway with that thing)

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