Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crib? Check. Doula? Check. We're ready! (Part 2)

Last Wednesday my friend threw us the most fabulous shower! It was so incredibly nice to be surrounded by so many friends!

We got totally kitted out, thanks to all my friends who are moms and knew what I needed (even though I didn't), right down to the diaper rash cream!

Amazingly, I found room in the hallway closet for everything, including a stroller! One of the sweetest gifts was my friend's hand-me-down Snap-n-Go and Graco car seat, which is going to be great to get us through the first few months and for taxi rides in the big city!

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Green Plan(t) said...

I just found this on my feed reader, you should check it out if you're still needing a changing table.

A Wall Hung Changing Table!