Sunday, June 8, 2008


I've been looking at the dresser for a week and now need to do something with it. Before I can wash all the Babe's clothes and tuck them neatly in its drawers though I feel compelled to wash it down and make sure its as eco-friendly as possible. Even though the dresser is solid oak, the sides of the drawers are plywood which emit formaldehyde.

While The Complete Organic Pregnancy initially kind of freaked me out, I consulted it this week. In the nursery section the authors adivse how to treat nursery furniture that is constructed of plywood, using AFM's Safecoat Safe Seal product. It seems easy enough except for they don't sell the product anywhere in the city that I can see. Apparently, AFM has a Brooklyn location but didn't actually have the product listed on their website. Before I make the pilgrimage out there, I decided to test their commitment to "providing the best customer service in the industry" and sent an email inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Did you get a response? I have shopped at Green Depot to get Safecoat paints for the apartment and stain for wood. I recommend it. It's in an industrial park and caters to the contractor - although they have a walk-in area and are perfectly nice and accommodating, I found it helpful to know what I was looking for (even if I kind of didn't). I haven't ordered online, just drove out there on a weekend. If you do go out there, make sure they have what you want in stock.

Sustainababe said...

Hi Royaloakegret,
I didn't get a response - bummer. I will be calling this week. There was no way I was heading out there last week in the humidity! Thanks for reading!