Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Tangents

Today I'm starting a regular post called Tuesday Tangents, where I'll share some of the other random greenie stuff I'm up to that doesn't necessarily pertain to the Pod.

I joined a CSA! As of today, I'm an official member of the Carnegie Hill Yorkville CSA. I just picked up my first share of veggies.

Look at all these beautiful leafy greens:

You may recognize the rhubarb and bok choy. Some of the other greens are brand new to me. The second shot is red vein mizuna, which I'd never heard of before an hour ago.

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Jennifer James said...

Wow! Awesome. It's always nice to have fresh greens.

A little tip that I used with my girls when they were babies. Whenever they got sick I would juice an organic apple along with a a tiny carrot and a little bit of lemon and would feed it to them in a syringe. Their colds wouldn't progress and they always stayed very, very healthy.

Hope you're having an amazing pregnancy.