Friday, July 11, 2008

The Babe's Unofficial Birthday

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Today is our due date ... and the Babe is not here yet. But in honor of this important date I thought I would jot a few things I will and will not miss about being pregnant.

I will miss...

-Random people smiling at me on the street
-An excuse to buy new clothes
-Nice people giving me their seat on the subway
-Generous servings of ice cream
-Having a sweet little baby cruising around with me all the time
-Prenatal yoga
-The exciting feeling like we're on the cusp of a thoroughly new life

I will not miss...

-Weird people pretending not to notice me so as not to have to give me their seat on the subway
-Swollen ankles
-Forgoing sushi and wine
-Leg cramps
-Flats every day of the week
-The same three outfits I've been wearing for the last three weeks

I'm most excited about...
Well, lots of things really, but today I'm pretty excited to see the tiny little heels of the sweet little feet that have been kicking me lately.

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