Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's Go Green!

In my professional life, I research Sustainability trends so I'm constantly trying to understand what people are doing (recycling, taking shorter showers, taking public transportation) to try to lessen their environmental impact. Moms specifically are increasingly attuned to the toxins that seem to infect our homes - from the plastic tupperware we store our food in and the baby bottles we nourish our children from to the cleaning supplies we rely on. It's enough to make your head spin. I'm always encouraged when our research affirms that consumers are trying to make significant changes within their homes to improve their personal and environmental health and wellness. But I'm often dismayed at the cost it takes some households to "go green."

Fortunately, there are sites like Let's Go Green Biz that makes the daunting task of becoming more sustainable easier and cheaper. The site features a host of everyday household products, including recycled toilet and tissue paper, non-toxic, biodegradable all-purpose cleaners and detergents, and BPA-free plastic water bottles.

They also have Green Home Starter Kits that make really unique housewarming gifts!!

I highly encourage you to check out the site. Also, use the coupon code FRIEND during checkout to save an additional 25% off your order! You can thank me later.


Christa M. said...

Sigh.... I want to be you when I grow up. I try, but I just get so tired. I walked my dog when I was pregnant. That's it. No yoga (doctor's orders), no 4-mile run, no weight training. Just walking. And I'm so hopelessly light green. OMG... the crib has formaldehyde in it?? And the stupid expensive mattress, too? My poor little guy. :(

sagemom said...

Found you via What a cool job you have! I'm trying to become a more eco-friendly's difficult, but I'm trying my best.

Also, I can relate with baby not arriving on time...I was several days late with my first! I have another on the way so we'll see how that goes.

Good luck and I'll keep on reading your blog to see how things go!