Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tangents

It's Tuesday which means it is "pick up my veggies from the farm" day. Granted I'm not actually going to the farm, rather a church near Central Park, but either way it gives me an excuse to get my hands at least a little dirty.

There was a great article in The New York Times last week about the rise of CSAs (community supported agriculture) across the nation and specifically in NYC.

If you want to know more and that doesn't satiate you, a great link about sustainable food in the New York region is Just Food.

Local Harvest is a great online tool to find local farms in your neck of the woods. Check out this awesome map of farmers market across the country. (Green dots are farmers markets; orange dots are CSAs)


Anonymous said...

I'm in a CSA here in Tennessee and our shares are starting to go nuts- tons of green beans and crazy looking squash! I get a 1/4 bushel and it's hard to eat all of the food in a week, but it's fun.. I love that there's still clumps of dirt on everything when I get it!

Are you just killing time now waiting for the baby to get things going?? Best of luck to you!

Angela (Schimizze) Peterson

momof2 said...

We are part of a CSA in North Carolina. We love it too! I love being able to get locally produced items (that are also organic). It is interesting to learn how to do with a lot of some single items. We have a lot of tomatoes right now!