Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Yo Shower Event

This Wednesday, I'm attending the Biggest Baby Shower Ever event hosted by Big City Moms at Tenjune. There are lots of reasons why this promises to be a super fun event. In David Letterman tradition, here is my top 10 list:

10. Mocktails - if I can't really drink, at least I can pretend
9. BCM always fills gift bags with samples galore and goodies that Sustainababe would never pony up the cash for
8. Dr. William Sears ("America's Pediatrician") is speaking
7. Dr. Sears' wife Martha is also attending - I'm possibly more interested to meet her since she was the one who birthed 7 of their 8 children!
6. Free Books! (I'm a closeted librarian)
5. Meeting other expectant moms
4. Stoneyfield is sponsoring the event - a truly authentic, eco-friendly company
3. BCM is giving away prizes from Skip*Hop, Bugaboo, Baby Legs and many other brands
2. Did I mention the free swag?
1. I'm not sure if Tenjune is still considered a hot spot, but I'm pretty sure this is the only way I'll ever get in.

For more information click on the invite below:


Stephanie said...

The event sounds so fun - especially the mocktails and the free swag! I love the Sears family - how fun that you might have an opportunity to meet them! That's awesome...

I hope that Stonyfield brings the event to AZ next!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Mock tails and free swag is something which I am looking to replicate for my party too. Truly loved the event and I wish I could have attended it. Right now, looking for my options for Chicago event venues and then will get to its’ organization later.