Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The major discussion in the Pod lately has been what do we need to buy? We have not actually bought one baby item yet save for a few books. (Almost everyone I know reads "What to Expect" so I'd recommend just borrowing it. I'm currently reading Dr. Sears' Pregnancy and The Baby Book. And Anne Lamott's

Mercifully, friends and family have been offering to give us gently used hand-me-downs. It started in January when my older brother, who lives far too many miles away in southern California, showed me the baby bounty he'd been storing in the garage. Everything from a crib, swing, bouncy thing (for the uninitiated that's what they are called), stroller and bags of clothes that were once worn by my niece and nephew.

I love the idea that the Babe is going to be wearing his older cousin's clothes. Sure, it will be nice to buy a few new cute get-ups for him, but its a whole lot nicer knowing that I've got an extra couple of hundred bucks in the bank (it will probably all end up going to the Bugaboo anyway).


Tracey Clem said...

Let me just say, hand-me-downs are the best! 90% of Cameron's clothing has come from my cousin in the burbs. We have bought so little for him, which Kevin thinks is rather sad. But, like you say, it helped us finance the Bugaboo.

I know I'm ridiculously behind on your blog, but I'll comment as I go. :)

Anonymous said...

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